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The best Night Wrist Sleep Support – Review

By admin April 16, 2018 carpal tunnel wrist support

The best Night Wrist Sleep Support – Review

Suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome from over years, and cant fall into sleep comfortable, thinking and researching how to get relief from this but everything you went across doesn’t work for you, and you are stuck in your mind and have no idea how to cure carpal tunnel syndrome to have a comfortable sleep than this Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support helps you in giving Moderate Stabilizing Support to your wrist to feel comfortable. and the fabric is designed with Polyurethane Foam, Polyester, Nylon, Styrene Beads, Spandex with compression providing adjustable technology and antimicrobial treatment.

Target Users: Provides comfortable support and protection during the night for those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, or have injured, arthritic, weak, or post-cast wrists.

Rating of Product: 4.5

Cost of the Product: $16.39

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About Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support:

Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support assists neutral hand position and helps in providing moderate-stabilizing support to cure carpal tunnel syndrome or the chronic wrist pain.

cushioning  placed in bits of help to protect wrist during sleep

it is designed in relieving symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

Supported by our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals

designed as size Adjustable for any kind of hand and suits for both right and left hand

Colors available is only Navy

lightweight material and the cushion bead provides the extreme comfort for the wrist

Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support is Moisture wicking and Antimicrobial to limit sweat and odor

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Pros & Cons:

The Good
  • Natural support
  • comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Antimicrobial
  • affordable
The Bad
  • Not so rigid
  • Available only in one color NAVY

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Why choose  Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support

  • Moderate, stabilizing relief:  
  • provides little compression to make the wrist much more comfortable
  • it weights very light and breathable too
  • provides custom level support
  • Provides natural hand protection

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Frequently asked questions: 

Q1: is this product for the right or left hand?

Answer: It can be worn on either hand.

Q2: Does this prevent you from clenching your fingers into your palm? This seems to be my main problem.

Answer: yes. There is the big cushioned ball inside on which your fingers rest. I tend to clench my fingers into a fist, too, and my fingers become numb. This support prevents that. It’s a comfortable support, but it is “hot’ wearing it at night during summer time as I sweat. I wear a support each night on both hands. I can now sleep through the whole night without waking to numb fingers. The reason you have to wear it at night is that its design prevents you from doing anything with your hands so if you want or need to do something, you have to remove the support.

Q3: Are these okay for small hands? I am a petite 4’11”

Answer: You will have to measure your hands. It might, just maybe, work for you.

Customer reviews: 

I purchased this to help with the carpal tunnel issues I have recently been having. I have never had carpel tunnel until this pregnancy and was not able to sleep through the night it was so painful. this wrist guard has eliminated the issue. I ordered a second one so I can wear one on each arm. it is very comfortable, it is soft but also supportive of the combination of the metal brace, and the foam beads. It keeps your wrist at a comfortable angle through the night. Highly recommend. – by Veronica

needed new wrist braces and since I have already gone through all the different types that are available in stores in my area I figured I would look on Amazon to see what was available here. So glad I did! I got two. When these first came in and I tried them on it was heaven. The first night I slept with them was a little weird because the bead ball that rests in your hand makes it a little hard to use my fingers to adjust my blankets I got used to them really quick. Now I can’t sleep without them and keep my old ones (without the cupped hand support) for if I am having a bad day with my carpal tunnel and need them to drive. These have helped to improve my sleep quality. – by Crystal Parkinson

Super comfortable and does its job. I totally recommend – C. Bueso

more than 1500+ positive reviews

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My Opinion:

according to me, Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support is one of the best wrist support to keep you comfortable the full night for quality sleep

My Rating: 

My rating to Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support is 5/5

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